Peter’s Parkinson’s Pilgrimage

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Huge congratulations to Peter who reached his final destination of Santiago de Compostela, Spain, on 20 October 2016 after walking more than 1,500 miles over 8 months end to end.

The pilgrimage project doesn’t end here though – look out for more news and blog posts on this website over the coming months.

And it’s not too late to contribute – Peter’s fundraising continues and you can click this button to go to his donations page.

The story as it was when Peter started

Peter Charles’ epic fundraising pilgrimage will take him from Little Missenden, Buckinghamshire to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

More than 1,500 miles.

Walking an average 10 miles a day, it will take about 150 days. Give or take a few.

Add a rest day after every 6 walking days and a few days off when the weather is really bad and Peter will be on the trail for 6 months. Not all in one go, you understand – three longer breaks between stages add another two months to the overall pilgrimage.

Start date

The pilgrimage started on 14 February 2016 from St John the Baptist, Little Missenden, Bucks HP7 0RA (map) after the 10.30am morning service and will finish around the end of October.

An incredible challenge

An incredible challenge for anyone – but at 70 years of age? And with Parkinson’s? Why?

Quote symbolI have set a target . . . to raise £250,000 which will be split 90% towards finding a cure for Parkinson’s and 10% for respite care . . . “

Peter explains: “Walking is good for people with Parkinson’s . . . and it’s a way of encouraging them to walk and at the same time encouraging people to give me this chance to raise money by walking myself.

“Parkinson’s is a slow, progressive, condition and I want to do something, while I still can, to raise money to help people with Parkinson’s. I also want to raise awareness of the condition.

“I have set a target, and I might be wildly optimistic, to raise £250,000 which will be split 90% towards finding a cure for Parkinson’s and 10% for respite care, so that family members who look after someone with the condition can take a break.

“There are obviously the physical and mental challenges of walking such a long way, mostly on my own, but I am aware of those challenges and expect to deal with them.

“And I will walk every single yard!”


Pilgrimage route - more than 1500 miles (excluding the ferry!)
Pilgrimage route – more than 1500 miles (excluding the ferry!)

Peter’s route from Little Missenden will take him 260 miles across the south of England to Cornwall.

After a Ferry to Roscoff, he will walk more than 700 miles down the west side of France to the Pyrenees.

In Spain, Peter will take the Camino del Norte coastal route, which will take him more than 500 miles to his destination at Santiago de Compostela.

Touch/click the map to see the route in more detail.

Walk with the Pilgrim

Would you you like to walk some of the route with Peter the Pilgrim? Peter would be pleased if you joined him even for one day.

Click here to see when he’ll reach selected points on his route.

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